Collection: TeleWedge - The Singer's Best Friend!

Upgrading our workshop!

Why is it a TeleWedge?
As musicians know, a wedge is the nickname for a floor monitor speaker housed in a wedge-shaped cabinet angled to the performers to allow them to monitor their own performance.

The TeleWedge uses the same principle only it projects the song lyrics/keys, speech or script needed for an event - ensuring a great, confident performance without the audience realizing the prompter is in use. You send the signal from your PC, iPad or tablet with your lyrics or script, the audience only sees what looks like a floor monitor on stage!

No more tablet on a mic stand or music stand taking away from the performance - you can control the text size from your device and can be controlled by foot controller or by your stage manager off stage! Computer, tablet, foot controller and Stage Manager NOT included! :-)