Video Services for Alberta's Horse Industry & Live Events

Gearhead Media has been working with Alberta's Horse Industry for over 25 years.

Let us help you increase your audience reach!

  • Equestrian Video

    Get your seminar, horse sale, or event online to maximize your audience!

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  • Event Livestreaming

    Live Event Video Services

    Rodeos, Horse Sales, Cattle Sales...your event, direct to your audience!

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Update on Telewedge production!

Thanks for your interest in Telewedge! We are currently holding off production until I recover from a serious back injury. I have been injured since late 2021 but am on the mend and hoping for a full recover. Needless to say our shop upgrade is still waiting but we hope to be back up and running soon. Please keep an eye on this space as will announce when we back. Orders will be fulfilled when we return!

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