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50 English Lessons Bundle

50 English Lessons Bundle

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Who is this created for? This comprehensive video, audio and on-screen text learning system is created for young children, EFL (foreign language) students and anyone who has difficulties with English basics. The series of 50 video tutorials and (50 audio tutorials of the same lessons) on the basics of speaking, understanding and thinking in English. Using bright bold pictures, on-screen text and a fully accredited instructor.

What's included? along with 50 video and audio lessons are 5 PDF tests (with and without the answers) and a 383 page PDF manual/book that teachers and students can print off and follow along with if they wish to. 

What are the benefits? A well-rounded beginning and enhancement of pronunciation of words, first word recognition and sounds, pairing pictures with words, learning to spell, read and write and hearing and associating words through sight and sound. EFL students, young English native speakers who are learning to speak or write for the first time or anyone with English language difficulties will benefit from these basic written lessons that are created with students, teachers and parents in mind!

Huge value at only $2.59 a lesson!

The lessons cover grammar basics and a large variety of everyday topics:

Lesson 1 - Basic Greetings
Learn basic greetings for when we meet each other, how to say your name, asking someone's name and how to say goodbye. We will also learn to ask a person about where they live and work.

Lesson 2 - Things (Nouns)
Learn about things (nouns) like people, places and objects.

Lesson 3 - Doing Words (Verbs)
Learn about doing words (verbs) which show an action or use.

Lesson 4 - Describing Words (Adjectives)
Learn about describing words (adjectives), which help us with what things look like.

Lesson 5 - Adverbs
Learn about Adverbs, which are words that can change doing words (verbs). The lesson covers manner, time, place and degree.

Lesson 6 - Alphabet, Vowels and Numbers
Learn about all the letters in the English language which is known as the Alphabet. This lesson also covers vowels, numbers and counting.

Lesson 7 - Prepositions
Learn about Prepositions, which links nouns, pronouns and phrases to one another in a sentence and lets us know where elements are in relation to one another.

Lesson 8 - Pronouns
Learn about Pronouns, which is when we talk about the same thing (noun) twice in one sentence. A pronoun can take the place of another thing or noun.

Lesson 9 - Past, Present and Future Tenses
Learn about when actions or doing words (verbs) have happened in the past, when they are happening now in the present and when they will happen in the future.

Lesson 10 - Time, Months, Days and Seasons
Learn about time, the days of the week, months and seasons.

Lesson 11 - Colours and Shapes:
Learn about the main colours and shapes and how all objects have both attributes.

Lesson 12 - Questions
Learn about the main questions using the words where, when, who, what, why and how when we ask something.

Lesson 13 - Digraphs and Double Letter Sounds
Learn about Digraphs, which is when we put two or three letters together and how they make and represent a certain single sound together eg: spr and spl etc. This lesson also covers double letter words eg: bee, fuzz and hiss.

Lesson 14 - Homonyms
Learn about Homonyms, which are words that sound exactly the same as each other, but are spelt differently and mean something completely different eg: cell and sell, fair and fare.

Lesson 15 - Antonyms (opposites)
Learn about Antonyms, which are words that have opposite meanings to each other eg: big and small, dark and light.

Lesson 16 - Synonyms
Learn about Synonyms, which are words that have similar or identical meanings.

Lesson 17 - The Apostrophe
Learn about the Apostrophe and its main functions in a sentence and how it can change the meaning of a word.

Lesson 18 - Everyday Life
Learn words and sentences that deal with everyday life and happenings such as waking up, school, working, shopping and going to the park.

Lesson 19 - Helpful Common Phrases
Learn common phrases that can be very helpful in general everyday life situations like asking for directions or the time.

Lesson 20 - Emotions
Learn words and sentences that deal with the main emotions.

Lesson 21 - The Home
Learn about different types of homes, the different areas inside our homes and what we do at home.

Lesson 22 - General Shopping
Learn about shopping in general, what people shop for, how and where we shop.

Lesson 23 - Working in an Office
Learn about working in an office, what we do there and the office equipment we might use.

Lesson 24 - Money and Banking
Learn words and sentences that deal with money and banking.

Lesson 25 - Clothing
Learn about different articles of clothing, what they are used for and why we wear what we wear.

Lesson 26 - Singular and Plural
Learn the rules of Singular (which is when there is one of something) and Plural (when there are two or more of something).

Lesson 27 - Punctuation Marks
Learn about the main Punctuation marks, which are symbols or characters in writing that make sentences more structured and organized in form.

Lesson 28 - Transport
Learn about the different modes of getting around by rail, air, animal, road and water transport.

Lesson 29 - Travel
Learn words and sentences that deal with travel, like booking, packing and arriving.

Lesson 30 - Food
Learn about different types of foods, groceries we buy, ordering food and eating out.

Lesson 31 - Music
Learn about the most common types of musical instruments, different kinds of music and things associated with music in general.

Lesson 32 - Sports
Learn words and sentences about different types of sports and exercise in general.

Lesson 33 - Recreation
Learn words and sentences that deal with recreation like hobbies, games and movies.

Lesson 34 - Weather
Learn words and sentences that deal with general weather conditions in different regions around the world.

Lesson 35 - Animals
Learn about wild and domesticated animals, their classifications, the kinds of habitats they live in around the world and what they eat.

Lesson 36 - Plants and Nature
Learn about different types of plants like trees, flowers, shrubs and herbs. This lesson also covers different landscapes like mountains, forests, deserts, gardens and fields.

Lesson 37 - Health, Hospital and Doctors
Learn words and sentences that deal with hospitals, doctors and health in general.

Lesson 38 - The Human Body
Learn words and sentences that deal with the human body and its parts. This lesson also covers internal organs and how we use our body in general.

Lesson 39 - Family and Occupations
Learn words and sentences that deal with family members. This lesson also covers different occupations people have.

Lesson 40 - School and Studies
Learn words and sentences that deal with different types of schools and studying in general. This lesson also covers daily activities of what we do and see in school.

Lesson 41 - Dating, Love, Friends and Marriage
Learn words and sentences that deal with dating, love, friends and marriage. This lesson also covers asking someone to go out with you, going out with friends and events like weddings.

Lesson 42 - History and Geography
Learn words that deal with History and Geography in general. This lesson also covers naming of historic periods and geographic terms like continents, countries, maps and direction.

Lesson 43 - Children
Learn words and sentences that deal with children in general - from babies to teenagers and what they do in different stages of growth.

Lesson 44 - Cooking
Learn words and sentences that deal with cooking food and being in the kitchen in general. This lesson also covers preparing food and kitchen utensils.

Lesson 45 - Business Meetings and Greetings
Learn sentences that deal with planning and setting up business meetings with clients over the phone. This lesson also covers formal business greetings in a meeting.

Lesson 46 - Planets and the Universe
Learn words and sentences that deal with the planets and the universe in general. This lesson covers naming various objects in space like comets, stars and craters.

Lesson 47 - Running a Retail Business
Learn words and sentences associated with running a retail business and working in retail in general. This lesson also covers naming of retail store furnishings, staff, payment of goods and inventory.

Lesson 48 - Holidays and Parties
Learn words and sentences that deal with different types of holidays and parties like birthdays. This lesson also covers naming of festive items like invitations, decorations and party food.

Lesson 49 - Unusual and Mispronounced Words
Learn words that have unusual pronunciations or are difficult to understand or spell.

Lesson 50 - Revision
This is a revision lesson covering some of the things you have already learnt in all 49 lessons. This lesson covers reading, spelling and writing activities such as a poem, shopping list, thank-you letter, short story, writing in a diary, writing a postcard, writing a short note and writing a fax.

Test 01 - Lessons 01 - 10 (2 Pdf documents: one with answers, one without)
Test 02 - Lessons 11 - 20 (2 Pdf documents: one with answers, one without)
Test 03 - Lessons 21 - 30 (2 Pdf documents: one with answers, one without)
Test 04 - Lessons 31 - 40 (2 Pdf documents: one with answers, one without)
Test 05 - Lessons 41 - 50 (2 Pdf documents: one with answers, one without)


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