TeleWedge 24 inch Horizontal Lyric Teleprompter - Android Package

TeleWedge 24 inch Horizontal Lyric Teleprompter - Android Package

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TeleWedge - The Singer's Best Friend!

The TeleWedge is a turnkey solution for performers looking to add confidence to their performance...using the included Android microcomputer to assist with lyrics or song chords or both. The TeleWedge enables the performer to get their prompter on the floor providing a more discreet and professional presentation.

With the Android package, the android computer is mounted inside the TeleWedge and using the included footswitch the performer is able to page through their songlist with ease for a more confident, natural performance. Apps can be managed by using the included Google Play store. 

Chain two or more TeleWedges together to share lyrics and chord change cues across the stage and controlled by one performer. (orders of two or more TeleWedges will include the hdmi splitter for no extra charge)


  • - 24 inch monitor in Landscape (horizontal) orientation
  • - solid pine plywood construction
  • - hard mounted power input
  • - durable DuraTex finish
  • - non-slip feet
  • - rear access panel
  • - included AC outlet inside
  • - dual carrying handles
  • - lightweight and portable

- Android TV Box,  & micro keyboard

- Wireless Footswitch

- Setlist Helper Software**


**a customer subscription may be required for full is provided for convenience, and is not a TeleWedge product.

This is a Custom Made to Order Item... please expect 3-4 weeks for shipping.